With it’s retractable hook and the unique flexibility of its guiding thread,  Ariadne’s Thread® is an effective tool in pinpointing microcalcification and mammary lesions.

Ariadne whole isolated copy

A straightforward procedure..Ariadne partial release copy

  • Wing grip and thumbutton design allows single handed use.
  • Retractable hook allows repositioning.
  • Indicator on wing shows direction of hook.


for accurate location…Ariadne ful release copy

  • Hook release at the needle tip for accurate pinpointing.
  • Break indicators and silicone stopper for accurate depth location.
  • Echogenic needle tip for ultrasound use.


and efficient surgery.Ariadne ends thread copy

  • 8mm look hook for easier penetration and stability.
  • Metal or flexible Polyamid guiding thread to reduce migration.
  • Removable silicone stopper for partial hook release prior to confirming position.

Ariadne’s Thread is available in 2 models:

  • Ariadne’s Thread® with polyamid thread.
  • Ariadne’s Thread® with metal thread.


Available in several styles and lengths: