Kensington Guide Wire Coaxial Bone Biopsy Kit




This minimally invasive coaxial kit features:

  • Ideal for deep bone or narrow access procedures
  • Seldinger placement of introducer via 20 gauge guide wire
  • Fewer scans and minimal trauma to soft tissue
  • Safe access for disc/upper spine procedures with 11 G needle

  • The Kensington Guide Wire Coaxial Bone Biopsy Kit is a guide wire system for deep bone and sensitive procedures requiring a very precise approach. Available in 11 gauge and two lengths (10 and 15 cm), it includes a 20 gauge guide wire used to anchor the needle into the bone, an introducer positioned over the guide wire using the Seldinger technique, a 13 gauge biopsy needle with trephine tip and an ejector pin.

    As with all the Laurane Coaxial Systems, the Kensington Kit contains the Laurane® Bone Biopsy Needle.


    Product Code Product Name Intro.Length* Intro.OD Biopsy OD Biopsy ID
    KBC 11/10 Kensington 100mm 11G/3.05mm 13G/2.4mm 15G/1.8mm
    KBC 11/15 Kensington 150mm 11G/3.05mm 13G/2.4mm 15G/1.8mm

    *Introducer Length refers to the needle. An additional

    4.5cm must be added for handle length when choosing

    compatible probes or other devices to use through


  • Download product brochure here.


    Download product IFU here:

    KBC 11/10, KBC 11/15


    Suggested Indications for the Kensington Kit:

    Vertebral body – cervical and upper thoracic; intervertebral disk; deep bones; bones surrounded by nerves/sensitive soft tissue.


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