Madison Comprehensive Bone Biopsy Kit



This all-inclusive coaxial kit features:

  • Unparalleled manual hard bone access
  • Control and precision whilst traversing dense bone
  • Laurane’s unique perforating introducer cannula
  • Direct access and easy handling
  • Compatible ingress for supplemental ablation

Madison - 2 Trays


  • The Madison Perforating Bone Biopsy Kit with Drill includes two trays. The first tray contains a hard bone introducer and a drill*, the second tray contains a biopsy needle and an ejector pin. The introducer has a sharp tip cannula and  trocar tip stylet. It is placed through the soft tissue until the bone is reached. If the cortex is dense the stylet may be replaced with the drill*. The Madison is available in 11 gauge and four lengths (6.5 cm, 8.5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm), or 13 gauge** in 2 lengths (9 cm, 6 cm (Madison Mini*)).

    As with all the Laurane Coaxial Systems, the Madison Kit contains the Laurane® Bone Biopsy Needle.

    *Except for the Madison Mini Kit.
    The Madison Mini is also available.  Its introducer is 13 gauge and 6 cm long and has a removable handle. There is no drill in the Madison Mini Kit.

    **The 13 gauge Madison Kits feature removable handles on the introducers.


    Laurane Medical - Madison Bone Biopsy Kit - Technical Information

    *Features a removable handle

    **Drill not included in Madison Mini system

    Product Code Product Name Intro.Length* Intro.OD Biopsy OD Biopsy ID
    KDPD 11/6.5 Madison 65mm 11G/3.05mm 13G/2.4mm 15G/1.8mm
    KDPD 11/8.5 Madison 85mm 11G/3.05mm 13G/2.4mm 15G/1.8mm
    KDPD 11/10 Madison 100mm 11G/3.05mm 13G/2.4mm 15G/1.8mm
    KDPD 11/15 Madison 150mm 11G/3.05mm 13G/2.4mm 15G/1.8mm
    KDPD 13/9 Madison 90mm 13G/2.4mm 15.5G/1.85mm 17.25G/1.4mm
    KDP 13/6 Madison 60mm 13G/2.4mm 15.5G/1.85mm 17.25G/1.4mm

    *Introducer Length refers to the needle. An additional

    4.5cm must be added for handle length when choosing

    compatible probes or other devices to use through




    Download product brochure here.

    Download product IFU here:

    KDPD 11/6.5, KDPD 11/8.5, KDPD 11/10, KDPD 11/15, KDPD 13/9, KDP 13/6


    Suggested indications for the Madison Kit:

    Lumbar and thoracic transpedicular approach; long bones (diaphysis)


    Read about our proven high diagnostic and sampling success rates in recent publications.