NEW: OmniBone™ Guided, Perforating Kit with Drill


Guided, Perforating Bone Biopsy Kit
with Drill


OmniBone, Bone Biopsy

This manual, all-in-one kit offers:

  • Unique Seldinger drill-tip for optional guided introduction
  • Improved initial cortical purchase and penetration
  • Increased precision and patient safety for all bone locations
  • Reduced exposure and overall procedure time
  • Proven high diagnostic and successful sampling*
  • Removable handles for versatile, lightweight handling


The below graph compares the initial bone purchase and progression per 5 second increments (with manually handling) of the unique OmniBone drill-tip introducer, and a standard trocar stylet (present in many bone and bone marrow needles):

OmniBone, bone biopsy 
  • The OmniBone™ Guided, Perforating Bone Biopsy Kit is a manual coaxial system that includes a Seldinger drill-tip introducer with the ability to immediately purchase and penetrate the cortex.

    The introducer is a cutting cannula with a Seldinger drill-tip stylet and is the first of its kind. The unique design of the Seldinger introducer’s cutting edges significantly increases initial cortical penetration, even on curved or sloped surfaces.  When necessary, the introducer can be used over a K-wire for unmatched precision, minimizing exposure and overall procedure time.  In cases with very dense bone, after initial purchase, the drill-tip stylet may be easily exchanged for an included drill insert.  Finally, removable handles make every component of the OmniBone™ Biopsy Kit versatile, lightweight, and easy to use.

    As with all the Laurane Coaxial Systems, the OmniBone with Drill contains the Laurane® Bone Biopsy Needle.


    Read about our proven high diagnostic and sampling success rates in recent publications*.

    Product Code Product Name Intro.Length* Intro.OD Biopsy OD Biopsy ID
    OM 11/6.5 OmniBone w Drill 65mm 11G/3.05mm 13G/2.4mm 15G/1.8mm
    OM 11/10 OmniBone w Drill 100mm 11G/3.05mm 13G/2.4mm 15G/1.8mm
    OM 11/15 OmniBone w Drill 150mm 11G/3.05mm 13G/2.4mm 15G/1.8mm

    *Introducer Length refers to the needle. An additional

    4.5cm must be added for handle length when choosing

    compatible probes or other devices to use through




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