Laurane Medical® Medical offers access needles, drills and Cement Bone Fillers for Vertebroplasty and Cementoplasty.

Laurane Medical - Vertebroplasty/Cementoplasty

This perforating cannula and sharp tip stylet is a very efficient patented introducer for Vertebroplasty or Cementoplasty.
Provided in boxes of five.

Vertebroplasty/Cementoplasty Drill

To be used in addition to the Vertebroplasty/Cementoplasty Introducer in case of dense bone.
Provided in boxes of two.

Laurane Medical Cement Bone Filler

Close up of cement filler needle tip and full length needle and pusher.

Our Cement Bone Fillers allow a manual, precise, and direct delivery.

Provided in boxes of two.

Available in these sizes: