MADISON – Comprehensive Bone Biopsy System


The Madison Perforating Bone Biopsy Kit with Drill includes two trays. The first tray contains a hard bone introducer and a drill, the second tray contains a biopsy needle and an ejector pin. The introducer has a sharp tip cannula and a trocar tip stylet. It is placed through the soft tissue until the bone is reached. If the cortex is dense the stylet may be replaced with the drill*. The Madison is available in 11 gauge and four lengths (6.5 cm, 8.5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm).

*Except for the Madison minikit
A minikit is also available.  Its introducer is 13 gauge and 6 cm long and has a removable handle.

Madison - 2 Trays

Available in several gauges and lengths:

Laurane Medical - Madison Bone Biopsy Kit - Technical Information

*Features a removable handle

**Drill not included in Madison Mini system